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Let there be Light by Daniel J. Kushner, City Newspaper

100 years later, Rochester sees the light (Festival) The light shining on A Street Light Festival will come from different sources. Brockport's Mariah Maloney Dance will present four dancers with costumes decorated with LEDs (light emitting diodes). "It's a piece called Light, inspired by a sparkler dance that her father used to do," DeGuzman says. "They were homesteaders in Alaska; there was no electricity." Jeff Spevak, Democrat and Chronicle

…an eloquent correlation between personality and artistic imprint. “…the essence of her performance tonight, through an art in summarizing innocence, play, simplicity and, above all, beauty." Nestor Tirri, La Nacion

Misterios de un cuerpo libre y despojado  by Nestor Tirri, La Nacion

Barnard Senior Thesis Works Preview

"Slip" New work 2014

"The show opened with the entrancing piece “Slip,” choreographed by Mariah Maloney in dialogue with the solo performer Sandra Lacy. The music, originally composed and performed by Timothy Nohe, moves from nature sounds to almost galactic, electronic sounds which seem to vibrate through Lacy’s body as the intensity of the piece rises and falls. The use of repetition was compelling: each time a phrase was repeated, it felt different." Sheena Jefffers, Richmond Times Dispatch see more here

"Light" Tours to Hobart and William Smith Colleges

"Mariah Maloney's choreography is sophisticated, beautifully textured, and elegant in its clarity. ‘Light' is a visual treat, mysterious and moving" Cynthia Williams, Hobart and William Smith College Professor/Presenter See more here

Rochester Fringe Festival 2013 Review

"I have been excited to see this performance because I believe that she and Mariah Maloney Dance bring an important and sophisticated, post-modern voice to Rochester dance. I was not disappointed...her most recent work Light, which was inspired by a sparkler dance Maloney’s father performed for her as a child. Somehow she was able to convey the intimacy of that experience in the great outdoors of Alaska with the other worldly aura of a dance performed onstage in the great indoors while clad in an LED suit. " Rachel DeGuzman, Democrat and Chronicle See more here

Rochester Fringe Festival 2013 Review 

"Thursday night, you were rewarded with the brightly lit performance of Mariah Maloney Dance... a fluttering core of young women leaping and twirling in white night clothes with high-powered, insect-like energy; then to a section in which light fixtures were attached to a trio of dancers' arms (audaciously performed by Nixon, Hannah Seidel, and Aya Wilson) creating a bewitching aura... beautiful extensions and strong holds which then undid themselves in frantic impulses which coursed like electricity through Seidel's muscular body." Casey Carlsen, Rochester City Newspaper. See more here.

"Light" Fringe 2013 Preview by Rachel DeGuzman, Democrat and Chronicle

"Mariah Maloney Dance presents its innovative work, Light, which was inspired by a childhood memory of a sparkler dance and features dancers in LED costumes. Light is described as “ a charming engagement with formalism in post-modern dance.” September 19 & 22. Admission is $12 and is suitable for all ages." Rachel DeGuzman, Democrat and Chronicle

"Light" a Fringe 2013: Critic picks by Casey Carlsen, Rochester City Newspaper

"Mariah Maloney Dance Mariah Maloney brings a wealth of rich experience to the Rochester dance scene. For almost 10 years she was a principal dancer with the Trisha Brown Dance Company, a company at the forefront of the postmodern dance movement. Her company, Mariah Maloney Dance, performed at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival last summer. Maloney's new piece, "LIGHT," was partially inspired by a sparkler dance her father performed for her as a young child, when they were living in an Alaskan cabin with no electricity. Her dancers wear LED costumes, so we should be in for some stunning visuals. Not to mention movement." (Thursday, September 19, 8 p.m. & Sunday, September 22, 6:30 p.m., TheatreROCS Stage at Xerox Auditorium, $12) Casey Carlsen, Rochester City Newspaper

Intrigued to See Mariah Maloney Dance by Rachel DeGuzman, Democrat and Chronicle

“Mariah Maloney, a longtime member of Trisha Brown Dance Company claimed the audience’s physical involvement with her piece, "The Body Inside.” … powerful and successfully enacted... Maloney’s piece marked the distinction between participant and observer. “ Casey Carlsen, Rochester City Newspaper

New York Dance Force Duets: Love Flight Of A Pink Cany Heart: Study #1
"Concluding the program was “Love Flight Of A Pink Candy Heart: Study #1” (2013), which featured Irene Hultman, in movement dialogue with Brockport faculty member, Mariah Maloney.  These women eloquently moved through space, interacted with each other and explored the how their bodies moved.  The attention to detail in this piece was especially striking—while one dancer focused on just the intricacies of the hand, the other was utilizing a much larger exploration of space as a whole, until they came together and allowed their bodies to dance with each other." Allison Bohman, Friends of Brockport Dance

“Mariah Maloney’s Talvi Valo (Winter Light)… was a clear and charming engagement with formalism in post-modern dance, using accumulation, de-accumulation and canon structures, as well as vertical and horizontal patterns in space that could be enjoyed from the many different vantage points of the performance space.  Maloney’s history as a member of Trisha Brown Dance Company was evidenced in her dance making via the attention to detail in her movement phrasing. I admire when a choreographer is able to achieve complexity via simple structures and succinct movement choices.  The dancers performed effectively in an unadorned, yet sprightly and focused way, fully engaged by their task.  The choreography… beauty and simplicity.” Lisa Race, Artistic Director RaceDance

Best Bets at Rochester Fringe: Casey Carlsen's picks 

“Relatively new to the Rochester Dance scene is Mariah Maloney Dance. Maloney is a former member of the renowned Trisha Brown Dance Company. This summer her company performed her choreography at the prestigious Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. During Fringe, she will appear in a solo set to traditional Irish music. Her company will present a 14-member ensemble piece she created inspired by Baroque choral compositions and an edgy female sextet danced to music ranging from Brazilian Girls to Carl Orff.” (Saturday 9/22 1-2 p.m. at George Eastman House Terrace Garden. Free admission.) Casey Carlsen, City News

“Choral music swells as Horikawa and Maloney commence a series of gestures. Their staggering flings and swirls generate a definitive dynamism between their positions onstage. They align momentarily at the back of the space, pausing with faces away from their spectators—then suddenly they drift towards the audience, arms swirling in uncanny unison. This shared proprioceptive awareness emerges as the driving force of the work, developing into what might be called an affective demonstration of “togetherness.”  Hannah Krafcik, Dance Enthusiast

Jacob’s Pillow Press Release 

June 4, 2012 – (Becket, Mass.) Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival kicks off June 16 with the 80th Anniversary Gala, followed by “a veritable dance explosion” (Claudia La Rocco of The New York Times) of more than 300 free and ticketed performances, talks, exhibits, classes, and events spanning three months.   

Free Inside/Out Performance: Mariah Maloney Dance Thursday, August 23, 6:15pm Mariah Maloney, a former member of Trisha Brown Dance Company, presents her new work Sliver, inspired by a recent trip to Finland and choreographed in collaboration with visual artist Cinda Kelly’s set design, which explores visibility, liquidity and time. Rock, an edgy female sextet, merges delicate physicality with aggressive movement and gesture and is danced to music ranging from BrazilianGirls to Carl Orff. Irish Solo: Turas is vibrant solo dance infused with the mood, rhythms and textures of traditional Irish music, played by Lad Lane. FREE  Mariclare Hulbert, Director of Marketing and Communication

Fringe Preview

“The New York City choreographer takes a vigorous approach to modern dance, without trampling any flowers. A female sextet will rock to tunes by The Rolling Stones and Manhattan’s Brazilian Girls band. A soloist will dance to traditional Irish music, and all 14 performers will evoke the shimmer of stained glass windows as baroque choral music echoes through the garden. “I thought it would be wonderful to share our dances in this intimate and beautiful Eastman garden,” she says.  She set the piece for 14 dancers to excerpts from the Missa Solemnis by Belgian composer Joseph-Hector Fiocco (1703-1741).  Visiting the Brussels church where it was composed, she was inspired by the play of light from the ancient stained glass windows. The Irish solo stemmed from a 2008 trip she made to Dublin. She danced with a traditional band called Lad Lane and used its music for the Terrace Garden dance.  The sextet, she says, will be “edgy, bold and aggressive…. I use the Rolling Stones song You Can’t Always Get What You Want and music by the Brazilian Girls, who I discovered in an East Village club.”  Stuart Low, Democrat and Chronicle

Week three of the “La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival” commences with two brand new — and excitingly unique — programs of never before seen choreography…The series boasts choreography by Judith Sánchez Ruíz, Mariah Maloney, Brandin Steffensen, Arturo Vidich, James Buster Grant and Caridad Martinez. “The challenge and excitement of this project is to further discover and express the spirit of this music in a solo dance,” says Mariah Maloney, who will perform her own choreography (“Irish Solo: Turas,” inspired by traditional Irish music). June 9-12, 7:30pm, at La MaMa First Floor Theatre, 74A E. 4th Street.” LILY BOUVIER, The Villager

Trisha Brown Dance Company Performance Reviews

“We marvel at the balance, of course, but also, because Maloney overlaps Fisher slightly, the woman in back can't bend quite as far.” Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

“…watch Mariah Maloney dance two solo interludes.  One, called ‘Rage,’ was agitated. In the other, appropriately titled ''Ladder,'' she comically entangled herself with a stepladder.” Jack Anderson, The New York Times

“Mariah Maloney…performs two interval numbers. They are the equivalent to the ‘sherbert arias’ in early 18th century operas; they refresh the palate without filling you up.” Allan Ulrich, Chronicle Dance Critic, San Francisco Gate

“Mariah Maloney’s slow-motion dance… was a shining example of perfect control.” Anna Kosowska-Czubaj, The Warsaw Voice

“One of the most interesting solos occurs during an ‘interval’… Maloney improvises with a large aluminum ladder as if it's both her enemy and her friend… Maloney and her ladder are the most dynamic couple in the show.” Anita Amirrezvani, San Jose Mercury News