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  • Trilogy New Work 2015 excerpts

    Mariah Maloney Dance is invited to perform, teach and create new work in New York, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. Artistic Director Mariah Maloney, a former Trisha Brown Dance Company soloist and ensemble dancer originally from Homer, Alaska, creates work from the sensing body, accessing movement scores and choreography through improvisation. The company has toured extensively and presented at the IV Festival Internacional de Danza Independiente Cocoa in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out, La MaMa Moves in New York City, DanceHouse in Dublin, Ireland and Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California. 2015 Premiere – New Work Trilogy by Mariah Maloney I Space Pixelation II exploits the possibilities of the female body inside detailed and repetitive articulations with original composition and performance by Richard DeLaney Choreographer: Mariah Maloney in collaboration with Lynea D’Aprix and Richard DeLaney. Performer: Lynea D’Aprix Live Music Composition: Richard DeLaney Costume: Emma Scholl Lighting Design: Marissa Aucoin II Pedestrian Edge brings the female body forward in powerful stillness juxtaposed with force. Choreographer: Mariah Maloney in collaboration with Michelle Glynn. Performer: Michelle Glynn Music: Pedestrian at Best by Courtney Barnett Costume: Emma Scholl Lighting Design: Marissa Aucoin III Between is a quirky yet silky and curious trio exploring the empty space and shadows we experience when someone transitions from this world. The piece celebrates empathy on the kinesthetic level. Choreographer: Mariah Maloney in collaboration with the dancers. Performers: Christy Benincasa, Nanako Horikawa, Hannah Seidel Music: Koi Ladki Hai by Lata Mangeshker and Udit Narayan Costume: Emma Scholl Lighting Design: Marissa Aucoin

  • Mariah Maloney New Work 2015

    Choreographer: Mariah Maloney In this video I share excerpts of three new choreographic explorations that I presented on April 8, 2015 at The College at Brockport, SUNY as part of Scholars Day. I am excited to share some of these new works this summer in NYC and Hollins University, Roanoke, Virginia. Solo work #1 Space Pixelation II (working title) for Lynea D’Aprix with live performance and original composition by Richard DeLaney. Costume by Emma Scholl. Solo work #2 Untitled for Michelle Glynn. Music: Pedestrian at Best by Courtney Barnett. New Work in progress There is a Girl, When She Laughs (working title) expands and unearths raw body intelligence through improvisation and choreography. For dancers Christy Benincasa and Nanako Horikawa. Music: Koi Ladki Hai by Lata Mangeshker and Udit Narayan. A special thank you to the talented and generous artists for being a part of this creative process. Maloney danced with seminal postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown for eight years where she explored interdisciplinary collaborations, improvisation and problem solving as composition and performance. In this presentation, Maloney will share new choreography inspired by her investigations with dancers located in New York City, Rochester and The College at Brockport followed by a discussion on structure, inspiration and process including geographical locations behind the work.

  • Irish Solo: Turas 2008 Mariah Maloney Dance

    Irish Solo: Turas (thruss) began on a Sunday afternoon in Dublin's Temple Bar where I witnessed three musicians playing vigorously on a tiny corner stage. This vibrant solo dance is infused with the mood, rhythms and textures of Traditional Irish Music played by Lad Lane. The traditional music of Ireland - the instrumentation and the vocals all resonate deeply for me... the challenge and excitement of this project is to further discover and express the spirit of this music in a solo dance. Choreographer: Mariah Maloney Performer: Mariah Maloney Costume Design: Bill Brewer Music: Lad Lane

  • Light 2013

    Mariah Maloney Dance presents its innovative work, Light, which was inspired by a childhood memory of a sparkler dance and features dancers in LED costumes. Light is described as “ a charming engagement with formalism in post-modern dance.” September 19 & 22. Admission is $12 and is suitable for all ages. Rachel DeGuzman, Democrat and Chronicle Preview

  • Space Pixelation at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival Inside/Out 2012

    In Space Pixelation (2012), I worked with Hannah Seidel in the studio exploring improvisation scores dealing with pixilation of the body. We exhausted possibilities, revisited, turned the form upside down, inside out and continued to create and set a structured improvisation. Hannah is stunning inside this work and it was an honor to create it with her. Costume by Mariah Maloney and Hannah Seidel, Music: Au/Prelude.

  • George Eastman House Garden Performance Roc Fringe

    Mariah Maloney Dance at the George Eastman House Terrace Garden Rochester Fringe Festival 2012. Excerpts from Irish Solo: Turas (2008); Rock (2011); Garden Solo (2012); Vensters (2010) Performers: Christine Benincasa, Stephanie Dattellas, Michelle Glynn, Nicole Kaplan, Erin Lowden, Mariah Maloney, Caitlin Milizia, Corina Miller, Lara Nixon, Lauren Palmieri, Lauren Saint-Louis, Alisha Schneider, Chelsea Spraker, Juliana Utz, Robin Wonka

  • Hjemreise 2003 Mariah Maloney Dance

    Choreography: Mariah Maloney Music: Traditional Norwegian Folk Music Costume: Mariah Maloney This dance is a living expression and biography of Anders Solheim (1900-1994). He is alive in my memories and imagination. I created the work after a first visit to Anders' homeland Olden, Norway where I attended a community church Christmas celebration and was moved by an a capella lullaby. The solo was created as I was leaving the Trisha Brown Dance Company. The work draws from set material and structured improvisation.

  • Envi 4 20 12

    Envi 4 20 12 is a solo improvisation responding to environment, in this case to Visual Artist Kathy Clem’s piece F is for Fantasy and Bebel Gilberto’s lilting Samba de Benco. I attended Bebel’s concert live in New York City at Town Hall on June 19th 2009 where my body felt sensual and free. I bring her music to this improvisation as it creates a world of sensual sound together with F is for Fantasy's visual impulse. This piece was conceived and performed in a 24 hour period. Really a fun experience - I love the live experience of total inspiration.

  • Two 2011 Mariah Maloney Dance

    "Two" investigates erasure, agency and the polarities present in the physical world today. Two females engage in staggering flings and swirls generating definitive dynamism between each other. Shared proprioceptive awareness emerges as the driving force of this work, developing into an affective demonstration of "togetherness." (Hannah Krafcik)

  • Rock 2011 Mariah Maloney Dance

    Rock is a new work. I create through the sensing body. My work therefore reflects life shaping our being - how we feel and move is informed by our life experience. Weight sensing and space become an impetus pushing explorations forward. I am curious about perspective. How does spatial perspective change the way our bodies feel and respond to each other? How does life inform explorations and movement? How does solo work share intelligence with a group?

  • Talvi Valo (Winter Light)

    Talvi Valo (Winter Light), a dance for ten women is inspired by my recent trip to Helsinki, Finland where I experienced the quiet and minimal light of January. The Finnish dancers inspired me with their deep focus, playfulness and gorgeous presence. Upon my return to the states I created and performed two solo pieces Sliver and Envi. The solos were created through body reflections of Finland inside my improvisation practice. Talvi Valo (Winter Light) explores visibility, liquidity and time and extracts Sliver and Envi phrase material. The dance is developed with the intent of exploring a community ensemble with windows for solos, duets, trios and quartets voices. I feel this dance brings a little bit of Finland state side. I would love for the Finns to meet the American dancers one day. This video offers a glimpse of this new work during a tech rehearsal. The work will premiere on November 15, 2012 at Rose L. Strasser Studio, The College at Brockport. Choreography: Mariah Maloney Performers: Jenna Ellis, Kara Foote, Catherine Gesford, Christina Gorman, Lauren Saint-Louis, Chelsea Spraker, Rachel Thome, Xiao Wang, Jennifer Helft, Meghan McGuire Costume Design: Emma Scholl

  • Sliver 2012

    This interdisciplinary collaboration employs improvisation and set choreography exploring liquidity and time in dialogue with Visual Artist Cinda Kelly’s sculpture. A recent trip to Finland during the quiet days of Winter inform the body inside this work.

  • Jacob's Pillow Vensters (2010)

    Vensters is inspired by Patrick Peire's archival research of Fiocco's Missa Solemnis, Postmodern choreographer Trisha Brown, Conductor René Jacobs and the Collegium Vocale Gent Choir, the making of L'Orfeo and the church of St Michael and St Gudule's architecture and stained glass windows. Choreographer: Mariah Maloney Costume: Sandy Cain Dancers: Christine Benincasa, Stephanie Dattellas , Michelle Glynn , Nicole Kaplan, Erin Lowden, Caitlin Milizia, Corina Miller, Lara Nixon , Lauren Palmieri, Lauren Saint-Louis, Alisha Schneider, Chelsea Spraker, Juliana Utz, Robin Wonka Composer: Joseph-Hector Fiocco (1703-1741) Music: Missa Solemnis: Kyrie Eleison; Qui Tollis Quoniam Tu Solus; Quoniam Tu Solus A special thank you to the dancers and composer James J. Kaufmann for creative contributions and excellence.